Revolutionizing Business Logistics Services: Innovative Solutions for Enhanced Quality

Revolutionizing Business Logistics Services: Innovative Solutions for Enhanced Quality

In the context of an increasingly integrated and developed economy, logistics service companies are also growing stronger, aiming to promote international trade and exchange of goods. During operation, with the changing market, regional and global economy, there is a requirement for logistics services to be improved. In this article, let's learn about some solutions to improve the quality of logistics services for businesses!

1. About logistics services

Logistics services are understood as:

  • Container loading and unloading services, except for air cargo port services.
  • Container storage services are one of the support services for maritime transport.
  • Warehouse services are support services for all modes of transportation.
  • Delivery services.
  • Freight forwarding services.
  • Customs procedures (including customs procedures business).
  • Other services including the following activities: Bill of lading inspection services, cargo brokerage, cargo inspection, sampling and weighing. Acceptance and reception services.
  • Prepare transportation documents.
  • Wholesale/retail support services such as inventory management, collection, sorting, and delivery.
  • Sea, inland waterway, rail, road, air, and multimodal transportation services.
  • Technical analysis and inspection services.
  • Other transportation support services.
  • Other services (According to the Vietnamese Commercial Law 2005)

2. About logistics service businesses

Companies providing logistics services must comply with investment and business conditions according to the law for this service. These service providers must have electronic devices connected to the Internet, mobile information networks, or other open networks. In addition to the legal requirements of specific services, they must also comply with regulations on e-commerce.

Foreign investors who want to do logistics business in addition to the above conditions must also comply with the conditions of each specific service and international conventions that foreign investors are the subject of regulation.

Solutions to improve logistics service quality Below are some solutions to improve the quality of logistics services in Vietnam today:

2.1 Managing and ensuring service quality across the entire supply chain

To enhance customer satisfaction with logistics service companies, it is necessary to ensure the quality of service throughout the entire chain. Logistics service companies continuously monitor the process of transporting goods from the factory to the consolidation point. They will transport customers' goods safely.

Logistics service company employees ensure accurate documentation of goods to ensure that the import-export process at the factory is not disrupted by inaccurate documents. Employees must be thoroughly trained to meet customer requirements. In particular, when problems arise, employees of logistics companies have sufficient knowledge to quickly resolve them without delay. The service contract will proceed as planned.

2.2 To establish competitive and reasonable pricing strategies

A range of different pricing strategies should be developed, selected according to the current situation, customer and supplier objectives. Balancing the interests of suppliers and customers is very important. Any cost that customers incur for using services must be treated with care, respect and enthusiastic support from suppliers and logistics companies.

Logistics service companies need to understand the needs and desires of customers in order to meet and satisfy those needs. This makes customers feel that what they receive from the supplier is worth the cost and the cost is entirely reasonable and acceptable.

2.3 Modernizing Technical Systems

Logistics operations today are not only related to warehousing and transportation, but also to planning and categorizing supply chains from raw materials from suppliers to manufacturers. Therefore, in the coming time, logistics service companies must not only enhance their competitiveness but also continuously innovate and improve their technical equipment as an important prerequisite.

Modernizing and expanding warehouse systems, investing in modern equipment for loading, specialized transportation, and other support services create competitive advantages and improve service quality.

Always prepare suitable technical facilities and conditions for logistics operations at ports, warehouses, and cargo inspection stations.

Regularly organize statistics and evaluate technical facilities and equipment to avoid incidents that affect delivery time for customers and build plans for renewal to ensure smooth operations.

The above are some excellent proposals for logistics businesses to optimize processes, improve management and monitoring capabilities of the logistics system, thereby enhancing competitiveness and improving service quality. SMS Live provides many management features such as warehouse management, order management, employee management, financial management, detailed reporting and statistics on the logistics operations of the business. It also allows businesses to customize functions and features to fit their own needs and processes. SMS Live will help logistics businesses improve service quality and enhance competitiveness in Vietnam's rapidly developing logistics market.