Financial stability, proactive capital by Blockchain technology to create NFT assets

Financial stability, proactive capital by Blockchain technology to create NFT assets

First of all, on behalf of the Board of Directors of G.O.L sends a healthy and successful wish to your management team.

Our GOL was established in 2002 operating in the field of information technology and e-commerce, in the past 20 years GOL has always been a leading enterprise providing technology and services for the commercial and maritime industries. Further, GOL is always a pioneer in bringing the most advanced technical products and services to customers.

Now we are glass to send you this open letter hopefully that your company has more choices and we have more new loyal customers.

In order to serve the needs of customers, our company is now pleased to launch new technologies as follows:

1. Crypto currency

2. Blockchain

3. Non-Fungible token – NFT

With these technologies, we will help business customers access digital credit (Crypto) to easily support running capital in operations.

GOL provides blockchain technology to turn the Forwarders and Import-Export businesses’s cargo document into NFT digital assets in order to allow businesses having credit access which approach loans with various values from a few thousand USD.

We are committed to providing the best products and services through the application of technology to make the procedure very simple, convenient and fast in making loan documents and payments.

We believe that with The motto "Meeting customers' expectations is our success '' - " Goods online means good for you '' will give you financial strength, and that is the foundation for your business. 

-                      Benefits for businesses when accessing digital capital:

-                      To meet the demand of cashflow capital: during the entire business cycle, thereby helping to stabilize the financial source and increase the initiative in filling the customer's production and business plan.

-                      Be consulted the financial package that best suits the working capital needs of customers. Reasonable working capital loan interest rate.

-                      Flexible limit conditions.

-                      The application process is simple by technology, thereby, saving time from the time the need arises to the time the capital is received.

-                      Flexible loan time and value, quick response, especially competitive costs and fees in the market which are some of the factors that create our advantage.

Please contact us to receive a service price list and consultant so that customers can increase their competitiveness by supplementing working capital.

Best regards,

For more information please contact us: CONTACT: 288/17 An Duong Vuong, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City

-                      Phone: 028-3833-3838

-                      Hotline: 0909 898 588 - Mr Danh

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