Question about ACI

Why do we need to declare ACI Egypt?

According to the Vietnam Trade Office in Egypt, in order to automate the customs process, simplify procedures and reduce customs clearance time, Egypt is testing a new single-window electronic customs clearance system (ACI system). according to Decree No. 38/2021 of the Ministry of Finance from October 2021.

How many hours in advance do we need to declare ACI when the goods are on board?

Goods must be electronically registered by the exporter at least 48 hours prior to shipment from the exporting country.

What information do importers and exporters need to provide in order to get goods on board?

The exporter needs to provide the Exporter Registration Code and the Export Country Code.

The importer needs to provide the importer's ACID Number and VAT code.

How does the shipping agency obtain the ACID number of the shipment and can verify its validity?

The shipping agency can obtain the ACID number through the foreign source or the shipping documents listed therein prior to shipment. The ACID number can be verified by the Nafeza system and the importer can see its status. An ACID Number has a validity of 3months. In case shipment was not done after the 3 months, the importer will have to apply for another ACID number. And there is no penalty for not using the previous ACID number.

How will shipments without ACID be handled?

Consignments without ACID will not be unloaded and will have to be re-shipped, at the expense of the exporter.

What does ACI cost include and who will pay?

The total cost of ACI filing consists of two parts - the ACI filing processing fee and the cost of blockchain document transfer. These fees are paid by the exporter.

Freight Forwarder's duties in the ACI procedure

Foreign (origin) freight forwarders do not need to send any document over the CargoX Platform. They just need to supply the BL issued by them to their customers - the exporters - and it is the duty of the exporter to send a COPY of this bill of lading, along with other required documents, to the Egyptian customs / NAFEZA platform over the CargoX Platform within the ACI filing.

Question about Blockchain CargoX

What is Cargo X?

CargoX is a document validation system using Blockchain technology. Thanks to this technology, documents submitted to the Egyptian Customs system will be authenticated as original documents by the sender (exporter).

In case of more than one invoice, how will they be listed by the exporter on BlockChain CargoX platform?

The foreign exporter uploads more than one invoice in one file on BlockChain CargoX platform.

Will the exporter or importer be responsible for uploading the certificates of inspection by external entities?

The exportert may upload any available document anh the importer may attach any other certificate of inspection sent by the importer after the arrival of the shipment.

Is the registration number for the foreign exporter the same as their tax code or registration number on the Block Chain CargoX platform?

The exporter's registration number is the tax identification number or commercial registration number.

Who will pay the CargoX fee?

All fees incurred at CargoX are paid by the exporter.

What is an ACI envelop on Cargox?

An ACI envelope is the set of documents that an exporter upload on cargox. This usually includes a draft B / L, invoice, packing list and CO.

Why does the exporter need to hand in the documents via CargoX (not via E-mail)?

We are dealing with the International Trade business and since the world is moving away from using documents and paper environment, accordingly, digitalization is the opportunity. Digitalization is important to secure the transfer of data, documents and the privacy of the companies. This is international trade and there’s competition, so it is important to rely on technology and a secure platform (blockchain) to ensure authenticity of the sender, storage of data and smooth receipt of documents to the importer. Hence, avoid tampering with documents.

Question about Nafeza Egypt

What is Nafeza E-portal?

“Nafeza” uses an integrated information platform to coordinate all necessary shipping information between foreign exporters and Egyptian importers. This system requires importers to submit all necessary shipping documentation and transaction data (customs duties, import controls, port of entry, etc.) via an online “e-portal” in order to facilitate the release of the importers’ goods from ports in Egypt. According to the Egyptian Customs Authority, the “Nafeza” platform will bring the Government of Egypt in line with international standards of trade-related procedures and customs requirements for the clearance of goods. Misr Technology Services (MTS) is responsible for administering the new single window system.

Do forwarders need to register for Nafeza E-portal?

Customs brokers or freight brokers may perform pre-registration procedures for shipments on behalf of the importer.

If the exporter and the importer are the two parties that upload files and information on the Nafeza system, then what is the role of the freight broker or customs broker in this process?

First of all, the exporter does not enter data on the Nafeza System. All data that are entered to the system are via the importer. The importer adds the data of his exporter in the system along with the items listed in the proforma invoice to generate the ACID Number. The Egyptian importer can give authorization to the customs broker or freight broker to carry out pre-registration procedures for shipments. An authorization / power of attorney from the importer must be signed and uploaded on the system to guarantee correctness of procedures.

ACI Egypt account registration service by G.O.L

Egypt is considered the second largest market of Vietnam in Africa. According to statistics of the General Department of Customs, the export turnover of Vietnamese goods to Egypt in the first 6 months of 2021 reached 238.6 million USD, up 11.3% over the same period last year. However, in early October, Egypt officially applied the Single Window Electronic Clearance System (ACI). This is a change that creates a big challenge for Vietnamese enterprises when exporting to this market. Understanding those obstacles, G.O.L has researched and offered 2 service solutions about ACI to support businesses, including:

1. Support to register DUNS number and submit ACI Egypt account registration documents.

2. ACI Egypt declaration service for shipments exported to Egypt (Egypt).

To better understand the system, regulations from Egyptian Customs as well as solutions provided by G.O.L, customers can see more here or contact us directly via hotline: 0909898588 (Ms. Tam)